Who is Tapasi Pannu? Affordable copy of Kangana Runaut – Then fluttering rangoli, Anurag Kashyap whispered

Kangana Ranaut’s sister, Rangoli Chandel, is not aware of the problem, but one thing about him is that now everyone has come to know. Whenever a new Kangana movie arrives, Rangoli Chandel starts working on a controversy over Twitter. Again, for this purpose, they do not make any difference to anyone who has to raise dirt. What is Kangana Ranaut’s Jazzantal film being released on July 26. Recently the movie trailer was released and the people praised it. These people also included Tapi Pannu. But Rangoli did not like the praise of Tapasi and started working on Twitter.

The enthusiasm of Tapasi Prabhu has recently been seen as to what the Judgment is. After watching the trailer, Tapi Pannu praised the film on Twitter and wrote that it is a great trailer. I always had great hopes from this movie and it seems that everything will be completed.

Rangoli made a strong comment,

Taking Rangoli, Tapasi Pannu, said that some people started their shop by imitating Kangna. But keep in mind that people never take their names, never mention their work. Not even praising the trailer. Tapasasi, when the last time I heard you, you believed that Kangana should be filtered on your tongue and Tapasya should stop making cheaper copy of Kangna.

Anurag Kashyap’s direct talk of watching Rangoli on Tapi,

Anurag Kashyap came in between. He wrote in response to Rangoli, – Just Rangoli, where are you pulling the point? This is very desperate. Since I have worked with both your sister Kangana and Tapas, so I did not understand your point of view. If the trailer was appreciated, then everyone appreciated, including Kangna!

Who is not in the mood to talk

But Rangoli was not in the mood to finish the talk. He wrote to Anurag Kashyap that Sir was not talking to those who did not praise Kangana. I have no problem with such people. I thanked a lot of people who praised the trailer. But my problem is with those who make fun of Kangna everywhere. Who is this Tapasi Pannu who advises Kangana to put a filter on his tongue?

Rangoli was removed from the area

“I am showing the mirror to everyone today. I know Anurag Kashyap, you are working with Tapi Pannu, but do not be frustrated without understanding the issue, take a little back.


Anurag Kashyap called Kangana Ranaut last night and told how big his nature is. Tell me in a media interview, where Tapasi has said this. Rather, she calls Kangna Extremist in every interview and advises that Kangana should be kept closed. Kangana has an opinion for everything, so has she become extremist?

It is a fan of Tapi Kangana

Which will open every poll and it is very much like to imitate Kangna. And of course, we all are fans of Kangna and they copy it. Who would not want to become a fan of Kangana? But then why do these people taunt him? I came to Twitter to remove all Shanagiri. Thanks a lot but everyone’s poles will open up Anurag Kashyap Sir nobody can stop me

Highly-liked trailer

It is worth mentioning that the trailer is very much liked in the recently released jazzement. Kangana Ranaut and Rajkumar Rao are in the lead role in the film, and the film is a murder mystery.

The toughest problem

It is that Kangna Runaut’s sister, Rangoli Chundel, does not leave anyone with the opportunity to get involved. There is no indication of this, when and where it will flare up and pull out fencing.

With Anurag Kashyap

She is working with her next film bull with Tapi Pannu. Prior to this, Anurag Kashyap has worked with Tapi Pannu in Manjariya. It is worth mentioning that Anurag Kashyap has worked with Kangna Runout in the Queen. Rajkumar Rao was also a part of the film. Anurag was the creator of the queen. Nonetheless, Kangana Runout has not been long since Kangana had said that no one even appreciated her film.

During the promotion of Manikarnika, Kangna had said that her film trailer comes, but she never sees anyone writing about her film trailer. So maybe now Kangana understood why people do not write about their film!

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