Things men only do when they are crazy about you

When you start loving someone, then it is exciting but awesome too. You are not sure whether he feels for you in the same way, and you are looking for signs while trying to stop the red flag. Here are some signs that you can drop that guard and in the end you can rest with that information that he wants to keep you.

1. He does not look at the signs of cellulite and stretch – he does not find you in spite of your imperfections, but finds them beautiful with his mind. Now this is a real man.

2. He tells you what you do not want to hear, but he tells you what you need to hear. This guy does not forget your lines, and this means that he really cares about you and the best interest you have to listen to.

3. She will make a spa night with you. Yes, he will go to the spa and he will medicure / pedicure with you and wear a green tea mask, without embarrassment, that he will see his boy friend. Now this is true love – which just wants to do what makes you happy.
4. Similarly, he will also be shopping with you. They are usually the duty of a husband or a serious lover (men hate shopping), if he is not interested in participating in shopping, he wants to spend time with you, while most want to run.

5. She does not even care when your hot buddies or beautiful women are around you. It is as if the friend is wearing a Horse Blinder (in a good way) that you never feel jealous.

6. She believes that you have something to fear for her .. Accepting that the distance is a great thing for you, whether it is about emotional or physical.

7. When he tells you that he wants you to meet his family. This is a big step for the boy – he just wants to tell a girl that if he is going to be together for a while, then it means that he is opening with you the most intimate parts of his life, And you want a part of them.

8. He makes you the factor and puts you in the loop with your plans. She will not just disappear for some unmarried.

9. He remembers all the small things you said. Even the things you forgot yourself Because your memories are most valuable to them, and he pays attention to everything you have done.

10. When you are fighting, he swallows that arrogance and apologizes first. Even if it is not wrong. And if you do anything, it can not be frustrating for more than a few hours.

11. She says that she likes you without makeup, really

12. Your reaction is only one thing that matters to him, and if necessary in any situation it will always stand up for you. A man who is ready to stand by his lady in serious matters is a protector, because people generally prefer to be undisputed on those things which are not worth it.

13. He does instant messaging to you. Forgets that his game is on. He is very excited to hear from you and will reply to you as soon as possible. Maybe some cute

14. When you are in menstruation, it is very sensitive and Tampon also goes out to take duty. A man who understands his woman during her most fun and most awkward moments is the one who is ready to stand on her side forever.

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