Sunil Grover shoots a couple’s ‘marriage’ and want fans to do so in their weddings too.

Marriages in India are not a parikite, but it is the biggest day which is celebrated as the biggest festival. After all, everyone wants to make it a memorable day, which is remembered as a celebration of love with family and friends. It has been shown happiness and happiness for generations to come. And to make our day special, we keep an eye on the latest trends, styles and themes.

Now occasionally, celebrity performance in India has been in fashion trends and thanks to Ambani’s splendid grand weddings, it only became more hypnotized. Hullabaloo was like a dream surrounding the music festival of Isha Ambani. From Bollywood’s famous celebrities, who gave live performances on stage to international sensation Beyonce on stage, it looks like a dream. But it seems that celebrity performance in a wedding is a matter of tomorrow because comedian Sunil Grover made a new trend with his latest Instagram post.

Recently, Sunil shared a fun photo on his Instagram handle, in which he photographed a couple’s wedding in his lovely post. And while we are laughing at our hearts, the fans are requesting them to do prank even at their wedding. Sunil gave a caption to this picture, “The couple’s photo shoot was going on, they did not know that I was behind Haha! Congratulations!” Take a look at the picture below:

The picture has rocked the social media and everyone is praising Sunil’s photobombing skills. The best part is that the bride and groom are unaware of the presence of the couple Sunil, but we are sure that this should be the most pleasant surprise for them. One of the fans enjoyed this small prank, which states, “After this photo, Arya, after this photo, the husband of the bridegroom has come close to her. ” Check out their fans’ comments below:

Sunil is one of the most liked comedians in India, yet he lives down on earth and tries to work on his skill. In a throbac interview, he shared that he is still hung on his craft, and said, “The mechanism of my work is that I make the caricature of the characters and people I see around me. This is a learning process, a process of humor, improving my comic timing, and understanding the language of humor better. This helps me to succeed whatever I am doing. ”

Earlier, in an interview, he talked about his visit and said, “I started acting from the hospital (pause), I mean, since I was born! To tell the truth, I do not remember about that, but I have started copying, my aunt, aunt, aunt, aunt, is a teacher since the school days. Actually, I do not remember when I started but I was acting Am a And you are doing some work in addition to dealing with the so called acting after the Masters in theater from Chandigarh, I was reading in Chandigarh. Jaspal G, Jaspal Bhatti. ”

Sunil further revealed how he came on television, and said, “I started working in a news channel for a few months at the beginning of my career and then I came to Bombay. Gave some voice, worked in some ad films and TV shows. Similarly my journey to the city started. ”

Sunil also talked about his popular character of Gutthi and had talked about the idea behind the character, “Man, I love Vanawas.” Since I have remembered, I have been blessed with my innocence innocence Due to attracting people, I am attracted to them, if they want to do something, they will immediately come in their shell to surprise you and I have been brought in such an environment. Until 12th, where we can not contact girls. I am a man at the end of the day, so I like to watch girls and while looking for girls, only such girls are seen. There is not a special character that I follow, but it is a community of such characters, you know what kind of girls you see and entertain them. ”

Well, it looks like Sunil has just created a new trend of marriage and now the celebrities will call the bride and groom’s photo shoot! Wow, what is the idea!

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