Shilpa Shetty Kundra is enjoying the time of her family in London, sharing a lovely video to feed the duck

A family vacation is a time that reminds you why you need to spend more time together and go to the places where you have never gone. As you can always take enough time to make money but not memories. And Bollywood actress, Shilpa Shetty Kundra certainly trusts that, because she enjoys with her husband, Raj Kundra and son, Via Kundra in London.

We all know that Shilpa fully balances the life and family time of her work. We often see him going out on a dinner date with Raj and he is known for planning the most beautiful birthday parties for the son, Viyan. We remember how in an interview, the actress clearly said that her family has always been her first priority.

Shilpa makes sure to share snippets of her life on Instagram, and she gave her fans a digital tour of London. Recently, he shared a lovely video, in which, we can see them feeding ducks. However, we finally loved his reaction completely because he ran away due to ducks. Shilpa gave a caption in the form of a video, “Was it bread or was I after them? Okay, they have received huge peak peaks (well, maybe not pointed!) We usually accompany our son every summer To do .. follow duck. # Walton Tonight’s # Londondaries # Breastfeeding # Beavi # Ephen # FemTime “. Take a look at the video below and its family pictures:

A few days ago, Shilpa had taken us to Penn Shil Park, a naturally made crystal grotto. She was thrilled to see it, and she wrote, “Nature was amazed at its best. #Painshillpark and seeing this naturally made crystal grotto. Exceptionally beautiful structures.
A visual treatment. You had to share it with you. The beauty around me #holidaymode #sightatra #londondiaries #familytime #gratitude #surrey ”

Shilpa is definitely an inspiration because she has chosen this time forever. Actress currently believes in living. Recently, in an interview with Bombay Times, Shilpa talked about maintaining a balance, and how did she choose between films and her beloved boyfriend Raj? I was ready for marriage. I wanted to create a child, which is one of the main reasons for getting married. I was eager to accept it – a new role in my life – a wife, a mother and so on, the way I am working and thinks it is very middle class. I do not regret the fact that I Wedding at that time I was doing, in my career really well, being a wife has to play a great role in life and I also tried to follow that t, parrishing myself. I do not depend on any other person A feminist in that sense, I want my place to make my choice. I remember that I was shooting a movie called The Man on Sunny Deol. Raj (husband) gave me an ultimatum to marry or leave. Relationship I had to choose between The Man and my Man. ”

Shilpa had further shared, “I chose the latter and what is it? Sunny has finally given shelter to the film. Suppose, if I liked a different, then, I would like to salon my man without (laughing) I would have been in the past or in the future, I am living now, I have an opportunity to headline the Eastenders (British TV series). There was a chance to settle in London, but I was interested in starting a new phase of my life. I wanted to go on vacation, enjoy my time and find peace. When Raj gave me the offer, All right, and trust me, I am not a traditional thinker, I was fine, with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčliving in a live-in relationship and having a child from Weddlock, if my parents did not want to do this Mati had. But I made my mother’s love and a traditional place of honor in my institution. Marriage. ”

In Throwback interview, the actress talked about her decision to stop acting and said, “It is unfair to say that girls do not last like boys, they may not want to continue or Other priorities took precedence.I try to be relevant to what I am doing by choosing interesting content, whether it is a big screen, a small screen or a radio , It is content that drives me. It allows you to choose me roles or things that are different. Others. ”

I think that’s why I went to a sub-sectional and the films always took the rear seats, with irregular schedules, there are times when You have to spend the day without meeting your child.

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