North Korea: America hosted ‘Hell’ and ‘suffering from restrictions’

North Korea says that America is “hell bent” on hostile acts and “suffers from restrictions” – Pyongyang called a “surprise incident” three days after Donald Trump and Kim Jong met them.

In a press statement in the UN Mission of Pyongyang, the United States has been accused of trying to eliminate “pressure” and the countries of the world have implemented the UN sanctions.

It states that the United States and 23 other countries have sent a letter to the United Nations Security Council Committee to monitor the restrictions on North Korea in which demand for immediate action is taken in the absurd “excuse of sophisticated petroleum imports” has gone.

The United States and other countries accused North Korea of ‚Äč‚Äčimporting more sophisticated petroleum products and violating United Nations sanctions.

Its annual limit is 500,000 barrels, which is important for its economy.

But last month Russia and China stopped the ban committee from declaring that Pyongyang violated the annual import ceiling.

The United Nations Mission of North Korea said that the United States, Britain, France and Germany broadcast a joint letter to all the member countries of the United Nations on June 29, in which foreigners of DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea) Calling for reversion. Restrictions and Pressure Against DPRK “.

On that day, Mr. Trump released an unprecedented invitation to meet Mr Kim in a demilitarized area between North and South Korea.

Mr. Kim accepted, and in his meeting on Sunday, Mr Trump became the first US President to set foot in North Korea when he crossed the demarcation line.

The pair agreed to the meeting to resume talks designed to defame the Korean Peninsula and the North Korean state media described their meeting as “a wonderful event”.

But in spite of the summit between Sri Trump and Mr. Kim in Singapore and Vietnam, the US has kept pressure on countries to implement sanctions.

North Korea’s mission said, “It is ridiculous to continue to deal with the restrictions and pressure campaign against the DPRK for the United States. Restrictions are considered to be a panacea for all problems.”

“As we said on many occasions, we do not thirst for raising restrictions.”

North Korea’s mission also gave a message to other 192 United Nations member states: “Vigilance against the intentional efforts made by the United States to weaken the peaceful environment created by the United States in the Korean environment. Will have to be kept. “

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