How did Malica Arora fail in love with Arjun Kapoor? The reason why she got attracted to her

Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor are new Lovebirds in B-Town, and both of them are currently holidaying overseas to spend some quality time with each other. Both put their relationship under the blanket for a long time, but on the eve of Arjun’s birthday, Malaika traditionally announced her love for Arjuna through Instagram. There is an unorthodox couple in Arjun and Malaika B-Town. In his recent interview with TOI, Malika disclosed why she fell in love with Arjun and her answer would be ‘you’.

Talking to the main daily, Malaika talked about Arjuna and revealed that she attracted Arjun the most. “It is very difficult to find someone who understands you, Arjun understands me, he smiles and laughs me and he knows me from the inside, I think everything works only.”

Arjun-Malika giving Major-Couple Goals

Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora’s Instagram page are full of glamorous pictures and we can not just leave them flinging on them.

Recently Malaica also slapped the trollers

Since the rumors of Arjuna and Malaika’s affair have surfaced openly, due to the difference in age of both, Netizens has been constantly criticized.

In my recent Tate-a-Tate with Mid-Day, Malaika not only slapped the trollers but also said that it is shameful for the women of the society who date the young men.

Here’s what Malaika said …

“The difference in age does not really happen when you are in a relationship, it is about connecting two minds and hearts.”

“Unfortunately, we live in a society which refuses to progress with time. An old man who is romancing with a young girl is shadowed everywhere, but when the woman is older, then She is called ‘desperate’ and ‘intellect’. I have only one line: take a flight, “said Meikka.

Malaika Arora made her relationship with Arjun Kapoor ‘Instagram official’ with this cute photo!

Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora have been dating for some time now. While the couple had previously been tense about their relationship, Arjun recently opened a relationship with his journal about his relationship in the interview. And now, Malaica also followed suit with their Instagram post.

Tomorrow, on the birthday of Arjun, the ‘Chhaya Chaiya’ girl made her relationship with Ongagram official with a sweet picture, where the pair gave a romantic pose under the sun.

Malaika’s Cute Birthday Wish For Bu Arjun, while sharing this picture on her social media handles, Malika wrote, “Happy birthday, my crazy, madman and amazing Arjun Kapoor always love and happiness.” This picture immediately became viral on the internet, in which fans left comments like “recon shahadi kar lo” and “how cute, you guys”.

A pair of couples living together with Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora is currently holidaying in New York and later with her fans, she is behaving a bit secretly in her romantic vacation.

When Arjun opened his relationship with Malaika, “We have come out because we feel that the media has given us dignity, there is a certain understanding of the media … they are respectful, compassionate, honest and decent about it Are. ” That’s why I felt comfortable, “said the actor to the Filmfare magazine.

Arjun on ‘Wedding’ report while speculation about his marriage continues in the city, Arjun recently clarified in an interview, “I am not getting married .. I think why speculation is because in my own house People asked you Shadi Kabi kar raha hai? This is a very biological Indian question, if you are with anyone for three days, then the question of marriage becomes. they Further, “33 for most people?” There is a big age for marriage in India, but not for me. I still have time. If I have not hidden my relationship, then why should I hide my marriage? ?

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