Breitkit Secretary Stephen Barclay: Any Deal Depression and Shortage Can not Mean

Can a deal really look like a breakset? Steve Barkley, who is responsible for the preparation of a deal, can be a recession, price increases in the supermarket, or traffic jam on roads.

And it’s a little surprised. Leaving the European Union without an agreement is an unknown area and the level of disruption depends on many things outside government control.

Much depends on whether the European Union will arrange to maintain security co-operation (on agreements like warrants of European settlement) in the mutual arrangement with the UK, to maintain free flow of goods across borders.

It also depends on how the finished business – especially small firms – are to exit without a deal and how the consumer and financial markets react.

Perhaps this is due to uncertainty that Berkeley Secretary Mr. Barclay has admitted that he can not rule the recession in the UK without any deal.

In a special interview with Sky News, he said, “As a former Treasury minister no one can ever tell what might happen in the future.”

“The question is, are we doing all that we can prepare and whether we are trying to get a deal in the first instance, but if we do not prepare wisely and professionally? And that is what we Are you working hard? The government has to do it. ”

Boris Johnson-backing Brextier, Mr. Barclay said that he was “very eager to prepare now” without any deal and he said that he was preparing for an information for small businesses in the autumn so that he was ready Having help can happen. To reduce the number of employees working after the summer without preparing for a deal.

Mr. Barclay explains that not being ready at the time is not an option because he urged government departments not to take their feet for the preparation of a deal.

“We have already increased twice and we have an extra time and we are using that time and the one thing that I have clarified with the Treasury and other departments within the Government is that we are ready for our preparation Need to speed up.

“We need to put forward those plans and ensure that we are ready, because I think your audience will ask the question after three years if the government was not prepared to do so, to vote.”

But with Breitkit coming down from the tracks two months before Christmas, the Secretary of the Brethren admitted that he can not guarantee that there will be no shortage or prices will not go up – saying that all the governments could reduce the risk Was preparing for

How will the consumer react? Already there are many reports that people are stocking essential goods from fear of drugs and stock such as toilet rolls and lack of nappy.

Mr. Barclay assured me that he is not personally stockpiling and said that people do not need to start panic shopping.

“Large companies have set up plans well, they have teams now looking for more than two years, and a lot of work has been done with private sector, supermarket and others so that we can ensure that we Prepare as good as you can. ” Better to leave with a deal. ”

When Britain voted narrowly to leave the European Union three years ago, this was the only hope for everyone. There was no talk of abandoning the deal, especially in view of how tight the vote was.

This all points to a settlement deal, which will respect the outcome of the referendum, as well as assure 48% of the people who voted that the relationship with Brussels would be strong.

And yet here we are still in the EU and the Parliament in a standstill. And the corollary is that once that was unimaginable, it is now becoming a very real result: the Tories are moving towards the “do or die” breaks without any deal.

Whoever will be PM still does not have any other policy option: the coming leaders are compelled by the Conservative Party’s political views. However, there is no Parliament and there are backbenchers in the entire House who are determined to try to block any deal.

Labor MP and Secretary of the Breitight Select Committee, Hillary Ben told Sky News that he was “very worried” about the possibility of a deal and said that Parliament would take steps to make it fail in the autumn.

“He is deciding to jump from a rock that you are not going to do it,” he told Sky News. “There is no mandate for no-deal breaksit in the referendum in 2016. The holiday did not vote for us and we will leave without a deal.

“I do not believe Parliament will allow a new PM to push the UK to the rock.”

Mr. Ben says that Parliament can pass a resolution – as in the beginning of this year – to say that it does not support no-deal breaksit, and the new Prime Minister has to ignore MPs and disbelieve in the government itself Challenge to bring the vote of .

Braxtil, who tries to stop the no-deal, will create a dramatic and profound political crisis, just as pressure on someone can lead to economic loss.

Three years after the political earthquake that came from the referendum, we can achieve another position.

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