Boris Johnson: If I became a PM then 20,000 and police officers

Boris Johnson has betrayed once more in the race for the Tory leadership by placing more than 20,000 police officers on the streets in three years.

He wants to use the so-called “headroom” reserve £ £ 1.1 billion of £ 26bn by Chancellor Philip Hammond.

Headroom The next year is the difference between Mr. Hammond determined for the budget deficit and thinks how big the office is for the responsibility of the budget.

The Chancellor has warned Mr. Johnson and his leadership rival Jeremy Hunt that no-deal breaksite means that the use of the headroom money will be used after the withdrawal from the European Union, not on spending, but spending on expenses.

Mr. Johnson has said that by the middle of 2022, he will extend the police service to more than 140,000 officers, if he wins the race of 10, with special focus on the rural areas, which has the most in police funding in recent years Have seen a great reduction.

To use some of the existing headroom to exclude more police officers on the road, about a substantial amount of £ 1.1 billion, and I think the public wants it. ”

He refused to believe that the total police size in the Conservative Budget has seen a reduction of 18%.
Workforce was a mistake between March 2010 and March 2018.

However, he suggested that the cut might have gone too far.

“I think the politician’s work sometimes ‘does not want to say, in fact, we want to ensure that we keep the numbers more’, and we look at the visible policing and we have a safe neighborhood team in every ward And we keep committing crime, “she said.

Both Johnson and Mr. Hunt made many promises on tax deductions and public spending because they try to woo Conservative party members in the race for leadership.

Mr. Johnson has said that he will spend an additional £ 4.6bn a year on education by 2022-23, as well as cut income tax, stamp duty and national insurance contributions and will increase the wages to the public sector workers.

Mr. Hunt says that he will increase defense spending, cut corporation taxes, increase the limits for national insurance contributions and cut interest on student loans.

Hunt and Johnson’s plan can run into problems of cash-stamping

1. £ 26bn is not a big briefcase of £ 50 notes knocking around the treasury that is “available”.

That’s because government borrowing is less than forecast. So funds available are money borrowed. If a future PM wants to spend it then he will have to pay back it with interest.

2. Money was created by the current Chancellor in the case of a no-deal betxit to spend on the economy as a “chest of war”.

If it is allocated elsewhere, it can not be used as a contingency fund, when Brexit does no harm in a deal.

3. This is not a permanent solution. The fact is that borrowing is less than expected and there is wiggle room does not mean that there will always be for you.

If the next PM wants to increase funding in different areas over the long term, then they will almost certainly need to fund it through tax or borrowing.

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