Alcohol abuse is a major problem in NHS patients compared to first thought

Experts from King’s College London have said that this issue is worse than before.

They found that the use of harmful alcohol in hospital patients is 10 times higher than the UK’s general population.

Meanwhile, alcohol dependence is eight times higher.

Alcohol dependence was the most common among A & E patients, but there was also an issue in mental health units.

The authors of the report have called for universal investigations in hospitals to provide assistance to the patients suffering from alcohol abuse and said that employees should get expert training to deal with those patients who are dependent on alcohol.

He examined the data of more than 124 million people in previous studies, in order to estimate the prevalence of heavy alcohol use among the periods.

Their findings are published in Journal Addiction.

The team said that the conditions related to alcohol have been estimated that the cost of the NHS is approximately 3.5 billion pounds per year.

A study published in the BMJ Open in May has revealed that one in every five people in England had been hurt by drinking someone else last year.

Another study published in May has said that drinking in Britain is drunk more often than any other nationality, respondents reported 51.1 times of intoxication in a 12-month period – about one in the time of the week.

Researchers from the Global Drug Survey spoke to over 120,000 people from 36 countries – including 5,400 people from across Britain.

It was found that some people are drinking, while there are many who do this in a potentially harmful manner.

Prior to Christmas last year, NHS England had kept aside £ 300,000 to fund protected areas, where many people could be tested without drinking in A & E for drinking.

Principal researcher of Psychotherapy, Psychology and Neuroscience at King’s College London, Dr. Emmert Roberts said, “Many doctors know that alcohol related patients are more common in patients admitted in hospital, but our results show that the problem is unconsciously accepted.

“To ensure that these comprehensive problems are being solved, especially in the UK, dedicated alcohol alcohol care teams are needed in the context of reducing the number of specialist community alcohol services.”

The NHS 14 unit suggests a safe level of alcohol consumption per week.

The number of units in each drink varies depending on size and strength.

One pint of beer is about 2.3 units
A bottle is approximately 1.6 unit
A pint of cider is 2.6 units
175ml glass of wine, which is of medium size, is 2.3 unit
One shot (25 ml) of alcohol is about a unit

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